At Shively Christian Church, we have a fluid, modern worship style. We strive for creativity because we are worshiping a creative God. We are more concerned with authentic worship than a defined style.

We strive for excellence and our worship is designed around modern music where we introduce and sing some of the newest worship songs. There is incredible power in declaring a truth about God in a new way. There is also incredible power in singing songs that have been sung for generations. 

We do both. 

Our goal each week is to create an environment where people are free to passionately and authentically worship the God who loves them, who died for them, and who saved them. We hope that through our music the message of the Gospel is adequately and clearly proclaimed so people will become sold-out followers of Jesus Christ.

Our mission statement:

To inspire people to have an authentic and passionate encounter with Jesus Christ.

Who makes up the worship band:

Shively Christian's worship team is made up of individuals who love the church and are passionately committed to using their musical gifts and talents for the glory of Jesus Christ.