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Submit your personalized prayer request to our online community, who will help you pray for that cause.  Also, find requests from other people that you can support through prayer.

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Prayer Requests

  • Pray for All the unsaved. Our city, state, nation, world; all elected officials; police, firefighters, 1st responders, military, veterans, border patrol. Missionaries, our church, our preachers, leaders, members, staff and volunteers. Schools, workers, teachers and students. The homeless and those without jobs. Those with emotional, mental issues, addictions, family and financial issues, those who have lost loved ones.  All who suffer pain and illness, the hurting, elderly, lonely and displaced.  Peace for a troubled & violent world. Those who have been affected by the tornadoes. All the families affected by the violence this week.

  • Prayer Requests
  • 1.      Jane B. – Praise, my great granddaughter, Morgan is being baptized this week.
  • 2.      Pam C. – Tommy P., recovering from surgery.
  • 3.      Ron & Connie H. – Foe P. in the loss of her husband; John & Helen O. as she fights cancer.
  • 4.      Lorraine H. – My family, health issues.
  • 5.      Karen L. – My brothers & sisters-in-law; Bill’s dad, Bill; Bill’s uncles and aunts; sister-in-law Brenda, Kim S. and family
  • 6.      Mary L. – neighbor, Cynthia M., just fought cancer and is now recovering from a broken hip.
  • 7.      Jacki M. – my son’s mental health and relief from alcoholism; my sister to accept Jesus as her Lord.
  • 8.      Mary R. – courage & healing for Patsy’s surgery; comfort and peace of mind for my daughters and granddaughter., freedom from alcohol for Rob.
  • 9.      Curtis S. – for my sisters Ruby & Jeanie; nephew Grant with health issues
  • 10.   Kaylin S. – Praise for this church and the people here. I truly feel it has been such a blessing in my life and journey. Pray God would watch over me and guide my life. Help me know which path to take and stay where He wants me to be.
  • 11.   Debbie S. – for my daughter Jennifer’s health; my brother’s heart problems; for the shooter in Louisville to know God & God’s love.
  • Jay S. - my brother John’s drinking addiction and his salvation


My friend in the circus just lost her battle of cancer please pray for Cathy Carden&her husband and boys&her entire circus family RIP


Good morning church family, please keep me in you thoughts and prayers as I going through a painful gout flare up. Missing church is always tough for me. Love you guys and have a wonderful week